Who Is Educational Advantage?

Educational Advantage was founded in 1992 by an educator worth mentioning: Melanie Moffat. You may be able to track her down on social media or Google, but if you visited Park City, Utah, and polled any number of students (current or past), they would likely know Mel and would attest to just how significantly she changed their lives. I know I would.

From there, and it’s noble mission to help students succeed, it passed to new owners and gained a new mission: to earn accreditation and become an online high school—which happened in 2015.

And now today, November 30, 2017. We have launched Educational Advantage School of Music to take our mission of helping students succeed one step further into the realm of music education. Our mission for our School of Music is to transform lives through the power of music education. Simple, yes. Powerful, definitely.

We hope you stay tuned to learn more about EA, as our local students call us, and to hopefully become involved whether as a student, private teacher, or advocate of our mission.

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