Welcome to the Educational Advantage family. This is a such a cool adventure we’re all on. When our CEO and visionary, Bruce Dahl, contacted me to be involved with this project, frankly, I was completely blown away that the team (prior to my arrival on their scene) had put the pieces together for us to create the country’s first online high school offering a full music curriculum with high school credit. Nobody had done this before and I have been here from the beginning working, helping, and watching (sometimes with a dropped jaw) this amazing team of course creators, editors, web designers, and production crew put this offering together. We are pleased with how our courses and everything that supports them has turned out, and are excited to have you working with us. We are confident that, together, we can help students around the country connect better with music, master their instruments, inspire stronger ensemble experiences in schools, and maybe help develop deeper thinking and more empathetic students.

Finding a good private music teacher is the best thing a student can do if they are serious about mastering their instrument. If you’re here with us and ready to get involved, we know you are that type of teacher. Please give us feedback about our courses and offer suggestions that will help you connect better with your students and help them grow.

Author: Corey Christiansen, Executive Director of Music at EA School of Music

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