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Blend Your Private Lessons with Online Music Classes and Offer High School Credit


If there was a way to retain students as they enter high school (the time they typically get too busy and drop off), market to new students and offer something so unique that it it literally not available anywhere else, would you do it? We thought so. Apply to be a Private Instructor with Educational Advantage School of Music and:

  • Offer music courses for high school credit to your students.
  • Access unparalleled resources and curriculum created by internationally recognized educators and musicians.
  • Create longevity with students throughout their high school years and capture upcoming students.
  • Put yourself in an exclusive tier of music education.
  • Blend your personal teaching style and expertise with top-level music courses, providing the ultimate experience for your students.


Having a PAGE on our School of Music site allows students to find you in our searchable database. Our marketing efforts are intentionally crafted to drive students to you. If you don't have a page, they can't find you.

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Be on the cutting edge of online music education.

Join our community of certified private music instructors and become part of the driving force in modern music education: offering your current high school age students the option of getting high school credit by working on our course(s) during their lesson time with you.

Our staff makes this easy. We are here to support you as you expand your studio, with marketing materials for every type of teaching location. You'll also have access to our dedicated Instructor Development team for help with any questions you might have. 

Enhance your private lesson content by offering courses created by industry renowned artists and educators. Blend your personality and teaching style with our online courses as supplemental instruction. 

Give your students the fullest musical education experience available.

Our Mission

We are determined to change the lives of high school students through the power of music education. We all know first-hand the power music has over the human soul. Help us make music education available to high school students across the US and let's start changing lives.

Explore Our Courses

Our courses have been created by industry renowned artists and educators. They've taken everything they've learned in their careers and are making it available to forward thinking teachers who want to mold the next generation of musicians.

Get Certified

Become a certified EA School of Music Private Instructor, giving you an extra edge with parents and students. This means auditing the class(es) you'll be adding to your studio offerings and reading and agreeing to our school policies. It's as simple as that.
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Our team is dedicated to helping you build your studio and elevate your musical offerings. We share weekly tips on music pedagogy, how to keep up with technology in music, how to start music ensembles, how to help your high school students find a career in music and much more! Find education resources and a community of teachers through our blog.