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Our private instructors have completed a detailed certification process to ensure that you are getting the most sound and current music instruction available. Whether you are looking for private lessons to supplement your School of Music courses or wanting a one-on-one online lesson, you'll find highly qualified teachers here.

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Adam Smale

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Banjo, Ukulele

Alberto Jimenez

Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Improvisation, Jazz Harmony, Jazz Ensemble

Alex Krukauskas

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Music Theory

Alex Nauman

Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Bass Guitar, Banjo

Alysa Treber


Andrew Ells-O'Brien

Guitar, Ukulele

Andrew Wangemann

Drums, Music Theory

Anne Gordon

Flute, Piccolo

Aryana Misaghi


Ashley Shank

Flute, Music Theory

Ashley Young

Piano, Voice

Aubrey Ross

Piano, Cello

Austin Weyand

Guitar, Electric Bass, Composition, Music Theory, Arranging

Becky Zigo

Piano, Violin, Voice

Ben Britton

Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet, Flute

Ben Mathews

Guitar, Bass Guitar

Bethany Coad

Piano, Voice

Blake Wilkins

Saxophone, Improvisation, Jazz Theory, Clarinet

Brad Novak

Drums, Percussion

Brad Pike

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Recording, Performing, Theory, Composition

Brenda Roberts


Brett Boyd

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Voice

Cameron Carbone

Rudimental Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Drum Set

Carol Weber

Piano, Organ

Cheryl A. Lockett

Music Theory, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Percussion

Chris Dunnett

Guitar, Bass Guitar

Chris Hazewski

Guitar, Ukulele

Christina Condon

Flute, Piccolo

Cindi Stowell

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Music Theory, Songwriting

Dan Georges

Trumpet, Piano

David Murphy

Drums, Percussion, Piano, Music Theory

David Stern

Guitar, Music Theory, Bass Guitar, Improvisation, Composition, Arranging

Donna Roehl


Donna Wiggins

Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Handchimes, STEM + Music

Edna Bloom

Piano, Flute, Music Theory, Sightsinging

Eduard Andreiev


Elias Toscano

Drums, Piano, Music Theory, Composition

Elizabeth Blakeslee


Emily Ezola


Emily Hanks


Forrest Heuskinveld

Drums, Percussion

Frank Mastropaolo

Drums, Percussion

Geoff Walton

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax

Gerald Ives

Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Trumpet

Greg Midgley

Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar

Helena Gelfor

Violin, Viola, Piano, Music Theory

James Brandt

Drum Set (all styles), Keyboard, Timpani, Marching Percussion

James Walsh

Guitar, Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Harmonica

Jay Fenichel

Drums, Percussion

Jeana Melilli

Flute, Piccolo, Piano, Music History

Jeff Kozol

Drums, Percussion

Jeff Leenhouts

Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Horn

Jeremy McCormick

Drum Set, Concert Percussion, Drum Line, Production

JJ Flynn

Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Baritone Ukulele, Soprano Ukulele, Songwriting

Joel Klein


John Anthony Martinez

Drums, Trumpet, Music Theory, Logic Pro, Ableton LIVE, Studio One

John Ellis

Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Theory, Ear Training, and Sight Reading

John Moulder


John Odom

Drums, Bongos, Congas, Timbales

John Zevos

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Ukulele

Jordan Heimburger

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Voice

Jordan Riehm

Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle, Violin

Joseph Bonville

Drums, Percussion, Timpani, Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylaphone, Orchestral Percussion

Josh Larsen

Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Acoustic Bass

Josiah Zigo


José Guzmán

Guitar, Classical Guitar, Music Theory, Jazz Theory, Improvisation, Composition

Julia Gray-Lion

Violin, Viola, Cello, Upright Bass

Justin Kline

Drums, Percussion

Justin Mason

Drums, Percussion

Kait Kingston


Kameron Markworth

Double Bass, Electric Bass, Music Theory, Improvisation, Jazz History

Karen Sanders

Flute, Alexander Technique

Karl Latham


Katherine Emeneth


Kecia Buehler

Piano, Music Theory, Sight Reading, Ear Training

Kevin Dahl

Guitar, Ukulele

Kumar Gandhi


Laura Saylor


Leanna Keith

Flute, Music Theory

Leon Enneking

Guitar, Mandolin, African Drums, African Xylophone, Steel Pan

Lily Hight

Piano, Ukulele

Lindsay Tomczak

Piano, Keyboard

Lindsey Goodman

Flute, Piccolo

Lois Landrum

Voice, Piano, Music Theory

Lori Sutherland

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Piano

Mandy Lane

Piano, Music Theory

Marc Torlina

Guitar, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Piano, Voice

Margaret Burr

Piano, Music Theory

Maria Sier

Piano, Music Theory

Mark Veldevere

Guitar, Sight Reading, Theory, Improvisation

Martin Metzger


Matthew Schick

Guitar, Keyboard, Voice, Drums, Winds, Brass, Music Theory

Michael Fjerstad


Michael Lechner

Piano, Music Theory

Michael Santander


Michael Stewart

Drums, Percussion

Mike Murphy

Guitar, Bass Guitar

Mitch Lee

Drums, Percussion

Murray Piper

Drums, Percussion, Congas, Bongos, Cajon, Djembe, Music Theory, Logic Pro

Nicole McKenzie

Violin, Viola, Music Theory

Peg Waldschmidt


Pete Madsen

Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Bass Guitar, Slide Guitar

Phil Johnson

Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar, Flute

Rachel Velarde


Randall Closson

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin

Raul Vargas


Richard Eich

Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Dobro, Voice

Richard Williams

Piano, Music theory, Sightreading, Composing, Logic X

Richy Stano

Guitar, Bass Guitar

Rob Stattel

Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Trumpet, Cornet, Tuba, Brass

Ron Ireland

Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Music Reading

Ron Roskowske

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Ronnie Leggett

Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Music Theory, Music History

Roy Van Tassel

Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar

Ryan Tilby

Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Bass Guitar

Sam Noertker

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice, Drums, Piano

Sam Williams


Sandra Saathoff


Sarah Beland

Flute, Piano

Saul Lubaroff

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon

Scott Lyle

Guitar, Bass, Piano

Sherry Lenich

Piano, Music Theory

Sonja Reynolds

French Horn

Spencer Hutton

Upright Bass, Bass Guitar, Piano, Music Theory, Improvisation

Stephen Bott

Drums, Percussion

Stephen Flory

Drums, Percussion

Tim Bischof

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar

Tracey Twa

Piano, Voice

Tyson Cazier


Wendi Dicken

Voice, Piano, Flute

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