Welcome Parents

Every parent wants to see their child participate in something worthwhile...

and that has the potential to increase their self-confidence. Likewise, they want to see the look of pride and accomplishment on their kids face when they know they feel good about what they’ve just achieved.

Stay in the loop

Engage their mind

Playing a musical instrument engages the mind in ways that nothing else can (proven fact). Music fosters creativity, work ethic, and self-esteem

Earn Credit

Provides a sense of ownership–when kids can connect, create, and be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Change their life

Listening to music allows us to appreciate and connect with the sounds or messages we hear. Playing music allows us to interact with music in an entirely different way, as we become creators. This ability changes lives.

Life-long skills

Learning to play a musical instrument is a skill that stays with them throughout their lives, far beyond their high school years.


Signing up is as easy as filling out an enrollment application and purchasing the course. (Students should approve this class with their counselor before hand.) 

It is a great way to boost a GPA, earn credit, learn to play, and stand out on college applications.


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