Music Education: Why It’s SO Important


So the question becomes, why isn’t music important enough?

“Playing a music instrument is the brains equivalent of a full body work out,” says the amazing Ted Ed video written by Dr. Anita Collins, internationally recognized music educator and researcher. This means that playing a music instrument literally engages every aspect of your brain in such a powerful way, that it quite literally looks different than those who do not play an instrument. Not to mention that playing an instrument leads to improved cognitive function, memory, ability to solve complex problems, communication between brain hemispheres, ability to learn language, and much more.

Check out the video below for the quick 4-minute run down on just how powerful and beneficial music actually is:


But aside from the obvious research-based benefits of music education is the more intimate power of music.  You can read our inspiration here, but it boils down to the fact that music changes lives.  Music unites people, whether as an one in a crowd listening to live music, the connection you feel plugged in to your headphones and enjoying on your own, or the sheer release and profound creative connection you feel playing your instrument of choice.  Music holds within itself the ability to connect and transform.  And we think that’s a something worthy of pursuing and making available to students all over the country.  And one day, the world.

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