Music Education For All

Some facts:

– Most high schools have some sort of music offering.

– Music is not a required class for the majority of high schools.

– There are few, if any, online programs offering a full catalog of music classes (spanning more courses than guitar, theory, or piano.) And most are introductory classes.

– The majority (~80%) of high school students do not participate in the music offerings available at their school.

– Arts budgets, of which music is a part of, typically get defunded, reduced (or removed) before other core classes or athletic departments.


We know the importance and power of playing a musical instrument (if you missed that post, click here), so why, then are we not making music a requirement? There are several answers to this question: students may not want to participate in music in a group setting, students may not have access to the instrument they want to take, students may be taking music privately and are therefor disinterested from taking music at school, too. So why not provide each of those student profiles the opportunity to earn high school credit for the instrument they choose, with the ability to study at a pace that’s right for them and with a private instructor of their choosing (but with not requirement to have a face-to-face instructor)?

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