High School: The Landscape is Changing

So much has changed, and continues to change, in the realm of education, and for the sake of this particular post–high school education.  Even considering my own high school experience sixteen years ago (has it been that long), with the options students have today, the landscape is completely different.

Let’s start with the number of choices students have today.  I’m mostly referring to the opportunity to take a very traditional high school experience and customize it.  Students can take online classes.  They can attend a school for the arts, a private prep school, or boarding school.  Students can attend schools that conform to their sports schedule, or even opt to home school.  There are endless possibilities.  So which is the right one?  Or better yet, is there a right one?

The biggest reason to leave your public high school is either to better align yourself with a school that supports your passion (sports, performing, etc.) or your academic or religious alignment (private school, prep school, home school).  When this is not an option, whether because of proximity, budget, or other factors, there are always other avenues.  You might consider an extracurricular club or group, whether through your school or community.  Or, you can look to online opportunities to find the classes you’re seeking or simply to reduce the classes you’re taking at school.  Whenever I meet with students, I ask them a few questions to help determine the best course of action.  You can download that questionnaire for free if you’re interested.

How do you access your education?  What led you to that decision?  We’d love to hear from you in our comments.

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