Elective Versus Fine Art

Elective credits are the category of credits that typically fall outside core and other required classes. In other words, students can choose what they want to take, and, depending on their school, may even be able to focus on a particular subject or topic throughout several semesters. Other times, electives are simply an opportunity for students to take several non-related classes as they work to refine their interests.

Fine Arts classes are typically broken into two different categories: visual arts and performing arts. Occasionally there’s a category of media arts, focusing on classes like film, production, or broadcasting. Fine Arts is your chance to study music/choir, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry, or even drama. And just because your school has a minimum requirement in this category, doesn’t mean you can’t take more classes. It just means that anything above the Fine Arts requirement will push to the elective category.

Chances are, you are required to take both elective and fine art classes, but the exact number of credits varies from school to school. Our advice: take advantage of both categories. Use these classes as an opportunity to take chances on a class you’re interested in, to learn from a teacher you may otherwise not have the option of studying with, or to simply expand your knowledge.

And in case you’re wondering, our catalog of music classes typically satisfies both categories.

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