If you know what a plimsol line is, without reading any further, pat yourself on the back and email me for a free course. If not, a plimsol line is a literal marking on the side a ship that indicates the limit to which that vessel can be loaded to maintain buoyancy, amongst other things. I heard about a plimsol lines a few months ago on an NPR show, and have since been fascinated with it. More so because anecdotally, I think it’s important to understand what your plimsol line is. If we could see your line, would you be in the safe zone? Or would you be taking on water with your line lowering below the surface?

In this life that we live, there are times that our lines dip or that waves are threatening to compromise the safety that the plimsol line represents. This is normal. We all go through crazy hard or challenging moments (admittedly, sometimes the moments seem like years). But, if our line is underwater more than it’s above, it’s time to reevaluate. Don’t’ jump ship, but consider what can be tossed overboard to allow your line to stay where it needs to.

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