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Be Curious

They say curiosity killed the cat, and that might be true (depending on the cat). But curiosity is actually good thing. A really, really good thing. It’s responsible for every innovation, piece of technology, piece of art in any medium, every advancement in our society, and basically everything cool this world has ever seen. When […]

Get Creative With Your Studio

When I was in college I taught between 40 and 60 private lessons a week. On top of that, playing two or three nights a week with a band and practicing three or four hours a day. I was exhausted pretty much all the time. I needed a way to free up some more time […]

The Importance of Ensembles

If you missed by previous blog post about getting creative with your studio–check it out.  It’s all about how I changed things up with mandatory ensembles, and how that worked out.  Now we’ll venture down another reason ensembles are such a great idea. When I was about ten years old my family decided to form a […]


Welcome to the Educational Advantage family. This is a such a cool adventure we’re all on. When our CEO and visionary, Bruce Dahl, contacted me to be involved with this project, frankly, I was completely blown away that the team (prior to my arrival on their scene) had put the pieces together for us to […]

Listening is Essential

Guest Author: Max Matzen I truly believe that at the center of every great player’s musical inspiration are a handful of recordings. Not just digital video footage, but actual recording projects–like records and CDs. I can name several records that had a profound impact on me as a young musician that still inspire me to this day: Wynton […]

Why Everyone Should Improvise

Guest Author: Leslie Hart Learning to improvise is not often associated with learning an instrument. For most of us, improvisation is far from our minds as we studiously practice and learn an instrument. If our goal in learning music is to be the best musician, improvisation should be at the center of our work. Great […]

Teacher Feature 001

Meet Tim Bischof We’ve got some pretty amazing teachers in our network. Every few weeks, we are going to feature an instructor or shop who’s caught our eye. This week, we’re talking about Tim Bischof, an EA certified instructor out of Newberg, Oregon. Watch a video about Tim’s business here.  Take a look at this great […]

Music Education For All

Some facts: – Most high schools have some sort of music offering. – Music is not a required class for the majority of high schools. – There are few, if any, online programs offering a full catalog of music classes (spanning more courses than guitar, theory, or piano.) And most are introductory classes. – The […]

Who Is Educational Advantage?

Educational Advantage was founded in 1992 by an educator worth mentioning: Melanie Moffat. You may be able to track her down on social media or Google, but if you visited Park City, Utah, and polled any number of students (current or past), they would likely know Mel and would attest to just how significantly she […]