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Our Mission. Our Passion. Why we started and why we are dedicated to doing more.

Educational Advantage School of Music

Our Passion

At Educational Advantage's School of Music, our passion is to transform the lives of high school students through the power of music education. Simple, yes. Powerful, definitely.

We know that simply graduating or not graduating from high school in general has a major impact, not only on the student, but on our nation as a whole. And while the economic and social costs are staggering, the cost to the individual who cannot successfully migrate through the education system is painful in a different way. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed.

We also believe that music plays an integral role in shaping an individual. This belief is backed by science. It has been proven that learning to play an instrument has a major effect on a person's brain - the brains equivalent to a full body workout. We have seen, time and again, students who have had their lives completely transformed through music.

Our Roots

The story of Educational Advantage began in 1990 with it’s founding by Melanie Moffat in Park City, Utah.

Originally created as a tutoring center, Educational Advantage, or “EA” as our students call it, was created with a specific purpose: to help all students succeed. Ranging from at-risk to gifted, students are provided with the individualized support they need to successfully complete their classes. From its inception, EA has and continues to be a powerful influence to thousands of students. In fact, many students still stop by to say that they wouldn’t have made it had it not been for EA.

In 2013 we embarked on a journey to create the greatest accredited online high school music environment in the world.  Not an easy task.  

We compiled a team of world-class administrators to build upon the foundation provided by Melanie. Our Head of Curriculum, Corey Christiansen, hand-picked our course creators from the best artists, performers and educators in the nation to write our music classes, which are founded upon the best pedagogy principles, yet are fresh and relevant to today's students.

We couldn't be more proud of our School of Music and what it offers to students, parents and private teachers. We're even more excited about what we are doing to change the world - one student at a time. 

We want every single student to graduate from high school knowing that anything is possible. We want to change the way students perceive their education, their future, and themselves. We look forward to many years of students saying that, with our help, they “made it!”

We offer high school elective and fine arts credit for online music classes to students across the country.

Our Accreditation

Educational Advantage School of Music is currently accredited through AdvancED. AdvancED is one of the main accrediting agencies in the country whose purpose is to verify the quality of education being provided. 

This accreditation allows us to give high school elective credit to students who complete our courses. These credits are generally accepted by any accredited high school in the United States and count towards the students' high school graduation requirements.

Our Executive Team

Educational Advantage School of Music is made up of our Executive team, a faculty of course creators, teachers and a support staff. Collectively, we are committed and passionate about music education and the changing power it provides.